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Live blogging the Golden Globes!

Posted By Heather Salerno On January 13, 2013 @ 6:00 pm In Awards,Celebrity Appearances,Events,Local Celebs | Comments Disabled

Well, the red carpet is out, and the A-listers are starting to arrive at the 70th annual Golden Globes.

Who are you rooting for? Will Lincoln win over Zero Dark Thirty? Will Les Miserables triumph over Silver Linings Playbook?

Will Tina Fey and Amy Poehler go down as the greatest awards show hosts EVER?



But most important…who will rule as the night’s biggest fashion disaster?

So settle down, grab your glass of wine and bowl of Doritos, and let’s get started with our live blog! Your comments are welcome, so please, keep ‘em coming throughout the night…


11:00: And that’s a wrap, everyone! See you at the Oscars on Feb. 24!!!!!

10:59: Ben Affleck honestly looks like he’s going to faint. How refreshing. Gotta love an Affleck-comeback.

10:58: Best Motion Picture, Drama, is….ARGO!!!!

10:54: Place your last minute bets everyone…will Lincoln or Argo take Best Picture?

10:51: Oh, DDL, get up on that stage already!

10:49: Attention, young actresses: Check out Jessica Chastain’s acceptance speech. That is the way to deliver a classy speech.

10:48: You go, Jessica Chastain! And I think this is an indicator to how the Oscars are going to go: a little bit of love to every movie, a sweep to no one.

10:41: Ewww, Anne Hathaway. You selfish little thing. You realize Les Miz is an ensemble, right? No one cares about your manager, you brat.

10:40: Glad to know that Les Miserables is pronounced LAY MIS-ER-AH-BLEH. Dustin Hoffman just told me so.

10:38: Please tell me Jeremy Renner’s creepy moustache is for a movie role…please.

10:34: But who can’t love a man who says his wife is always right?!! :)

10:31: Ah, Hugh Jackman. That Les Miz group sure does love you. But I’d watch out for Bradley Cooper. That guy looks PISSED.

10:31: Only Jennifer Garner can make sucking up – for her husband, no less – cute as can be.

10:29: Yikes, Batman looks like he would like to be ANYWHERE else right now.

10:22: Yawn. Girls wins Best TV Comedy. Why does no one else in the audience look particularly thrilled either?

10:17: Are the critics and HFPA making a point?!? Ben Affleck gets a standing o’ after winning Best Director. Good for him. Suck it, Oscars.


10:07: Wow, I am incredibly impressed by Jodie Foster’s crazy, emotional speech. She sorta, kinda came out, while simultaneously railing against the celebrity invasion of privacy. She publicly defended Mel Gibson – who’s now a show biz pariah – and moved everyone in the audience to tears. The lady could not give a damn. And that’s really really rare these days, especially in Hollywood.

10:05: Yes, Jodie Foster is 50 and she knows it!

10:04: Oh my, I would not count “The Beaver” among Jodie Foster’s more impressive work.

9:59: Glenn Close is a total good sport. And love that TF and AP went after Taylor Swift, who – did you notice?!? – the camera did not pan to after their snarky comment? She is SOOO going to write a song about this.

9:54: Robert Downey is presenting the Cecil B. DeMille Award to Jodie Foster. This should be fun.

9:52: Bleah. Lena Dunham. I honestly don’t have anything against her and think she’s talented, yet I simultaneously loathe her.

9:48: Amy Poehler and G. Clooney? Honey, she’s single now. Go for it, George.

9:47: The guy accepting for Brave can’t seem to control THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE!!!!!

9:45: Oof. Sasha Baron Cohen, Anne Hathaway is going to slap you silly the next time she gets you alone. Be afraid, be very afraid.

9:37: Claire Danes, who you gonna holla at this time?!?

9:37: Whoa, was the tanning bed Lea Michele climbed into RADIOACTIVE?

9:35: Every time I hear something about that movie Rust and Bone, and how it’s about a whale trainer who loses her legs, I think it’s describing an SNL skit. On that note, yay Amour!

9:33: And now for the Old Man Action Star back-and-forth…

9:28: I love Don Cheadle as much as anyone, but honestly, like all of 10 people have seen House of Lies.

9:27: Messing and Liu in a brand new reality show…Poufy Dress Smackdown.

9:26: Tails, Jeremy Irons? Fan-ceeee.

9:22: Wow. Tarantino over Kushner and Boal? Even Tarantino doesn’t believe that one.

9:18: Was Helena Bonham Carter talking to Lorne Michaels? The Globes really do make for an odd mix of folks…

9:15: Was there anyone who doubted Hathaway was taking this one? I dreamed a dream that she would go awaaaaaayyyyyy….

9:12: Oh, come on, Ed Harris?!?!? I’d even accept the Patinkin as an acceptable winner over Max Greenfield. Harris couldn’t even be bothered to show up.


9:05: Meryl Streep doesn’t really have the flu. She knew she was going to lose the GG to J. Law, who I still love despite the droopy boob dress. “I beat Meryl….”


9:04: J. Law. The KOR-TET. Mariel Streep. The sexy sheriff. And yooou, get outta here!!!!

9:02: My vote for next year’s hosts…Kristen Wiig and Will Ferrell!

9:01: That was Hillary Clinton’s husband…Poehler is killing it tonight.

9:00 Is it me or did the former prez get a little verklempt talking about Lincoln?

8:58: B. Clint in da’ hoooouse!

8:56: THE CUMBERBATCH WAS ROBBED!!! BY KEVIN COSTNER! AGAIN!!! The world is a cruel, unfair place….or the HFPA is taking crazy pills. I vote No. 2….

8:56: Damian Francisco, Benedict Cumberbatch?!? Hard call.

8:55: Jessica Alba, how DARE you stumble over Benedict Cumberbatch’s name?!?!?

8:54: What’s more orange: Jessica Alba or her dress?

8:49: Adele is too awesome for words.


8:45: After reading and loving the Fug Girls on gofugyourself.com, I cannot look at J.Lo without hearing their hilarious sendup of her in my head. So now here is what I imagine Jennifer Lopez is saying to herself right now…”Who is this estupido gringo next to me? He can’t even get the envelope open. It’s probably because he cannot get over the luscious fabulousness that is me. Me in this dress that make you think I am naked. And why am I giving out awards for songs? Oh yes, it is because I am the greatest singer ever to live. Hahahaha. Even I, Jennifer Lopez, cannot say that with a straight face.”

8:44: Enough, J. Lo, enough.

8:37: Please, please tell me that the DVD extras will actually show Claire Danes 8 months pregnant chasing Abu Nazir with a pipe!!!

8:35: Aaron Sorkin looked like he wanted to spit nickels when Homeland was announced as Best TV Drama. Really, Sorkin? Was it THAT much of a surprise?

8:34: Salma Hayek knows there’s a microphone in front of her, right? Yeah, something about the best something or other…

8:33: And who knew that he and Richard Gere are such pals?!?

8:32: Damien Lewis, AGAIN! Suck it, Hamm!

8:28: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association doesn’t even have the power over their own cameras. Though the president lady just made a super funny…and Bradley Cooper doesn’t appear pleased. What  a pill.

8:23: Oh, Catherine Zeta-Jones, you’ve got some pipes, but singing a little Les Miz just makes you seem sad. Don’t you wish you were in that instead of Rock of Ages? (We kid because we love, CZJ, we kid because we love…)

8:22: Although I like that the camera cut to her listening seriously to Julianne Moore’s self-important acceptance speech…

8:20: What the heck was that with Amy Poehler and the fake teeth?

8: 17: Boo, Rye’s Greg Berlanti lost out to Game Change. We still love you, Greg! (And taking his mom as his Globes date just makes us love him more…)

8:16: Is Eva Longoria wearing a superhero outfit under that skirt? She looks like Black Widow Wonder Woman.

8:10: Maggie Smith wins supporting actress for TV…the Dowager Dutchess would approve!

8:09: Christoph Waltz wins supporting actor for Django Unchained.  Speed up the speech, dude.

8:08: Do the finger, Daniel Day, do the finger! You know that he’s going to have people asking for that ALL NIGHT LONG.

8:06: Mandy Patinkin, holla!

8:05: Hunger Games, Life of Pi…dieting Hollywood style!

8:03: Did Jodie Foster bring Mel Gibson to the awards as her date?

8:02: Oh snap!! Amy zings James Cameron…nice!

8:01: A&T looking great…and so far, the perfect hosts.

8:00: And….here we go everyone! Who’ll be the big winners tonight?

7:58: Serving dinner at the Golden Globes has to be the most pointless exercise on the planet. As if you’re going to see Rachel Weisz fighting Naomi Watts over the bread basket.

7:55: In case you didn’t hear that horrifying LOUD announcement, there’s 5 minutes left to the show…

7:53: Good to know that Parks & Rec is Jay Leno’s WIFE’S favorite show. Not.


7:51: Sofia Vergara wearing black, too? Aw, come on!

7:46: Your gown is a bit blah, Jessica Chastain, but God bless you for wearing a color!

7:45: Helen Mirren is “girding her loins” against Tina and Amy possibly making fun of her in their opening monologue. Heh heh. Loins.

7:43: Hugh Jackman is dreeeeeamy.

7:42: Come on, Ewan McGregor’s wife couldn’t get a better dress than that? She looks like she’s going to a funeral, circa 1942.

7:36: Mount Vernon’s Denzel Washington is there with his daughter. Sweet. And she just called her dad a nerd. Priceless.

7:34: Unlike Anne Hathaway, I think Adele would be FANTASTIC to hang out with. You know she’d have you snorting Guinness out of your nose. P.S.: She’s wearing BUUUR-BAH-REE, dah-ling.

7:32: Pound Ridge’s power couple: Richard Gere and Carey Lowell. He was in India in a grass hut when he found out he was nominated for a Globe. Of course he was.

7:31: Kevin Costner is playing Superman’s father in a “smaller role” for him. Whatever, Costner.

7:29: Oh. My. God. Daniel. Day. Lewis. Enough said.

7:22: Anne Hathaway seems like a lovely enough person, but I would imagine hanging out with her wouldn’t be all that much fun.

7:21: Jennifer Lawrence’s look is disappointing. Her boobs look like wilted roses.

7:20: It can’t be said enough: George Clooney is one charming bastard.

7:19: God love Lena Dunham for Keeping It Real. But one of those many girlfriends she has needs to tell her that when it comes to awards shows like this, shapewear is your friend. And her good friend Zac Posen didn’t do her any favors…

7:17: Amy and Tina have a drinking game for us. Frankly, if someone’s boob falls out of their dress, that deserves a bottle of whiskey…

7:16: WHAT is Lucy Liu wearing?!? Laura Ashley?

7:15: Eww, Jimmy Fallon. No one needs to be reminded that Al Roker once pooped his pants. EVER.

7:11: Redheaded, handsome, British and insanely talented. What’s not to love about Damian Lewis?

7:10: I’ve got to put The Kidman’s dress up to a vote…love or hate? I’m on the fence.

7:09: I’m convinced that the Golden Globes just nominate Nicole Kidman for awards to see what she’s going to wear.

7:08: Ok, I may rethink switching from E! to the official pre-show. They’re sucking the life from these celebrities! Who would have thought that I’d prefer R.Sea and G.Ran’s banter?!?

7:07: Awww, how cute is Jack Black and his mom?!?

7:06: Has anyone else heard of this movie that Jon Bon Jovi wrote a song for?


7:04: Hayden P. again. Seems oddly subdued. Maybe she needs a sandwich.

7:04: Craig. Daniel Craig. Hot tamale.

7:02: 9,000 glasses of champagne served at the ceremony? Please let there be plenty of drunken hijinks tonight…

7:00: Switching over to the NBC arrivals special. And just for the record, I just cannot warm to that Savannah Guthrie. She puts me to sleep.

6:59: And yes, I will be doing the “What?!? That’s racist” dance move at my next living room dance party.

6:58: HA! Aziz Ansari just said his tux was by “Kevin” Dior. And I think he may have been serious. Hilarious, but I’m thinking the Dior folks won’t be lending him anything again anytime soon.

6:56: The turquoise beads on Olivia Munn’s dress are exquisite.

6:54: Jodie Foster is just too, too fabulous. That’s the way 50 should look. Although it would be nice if she strayed away from Armani occasionally. And navy.

6:54: Here’s my assessment of the Globes fashion so far: Meh.

6:50: Are you on drugs, Kelly Osbourne? Julianne Hough looks like she waded through the Marshmallow Ocean and Sequin Sea to get to the red carpet…

6:49: Who did Nene Leakes pay for an invitation to the Globes? Seriously.

6:48: Oh, Bradley Cooper is such a big, fat liar. Don’t tell me he didn’t read the script for Silver Linings Playbook and say, ‘Hello, Oscar-worthy role!’ and beg, beg, beg to be hired.

6:47: Modern Family’s Sarah Hyland is officially adorable.

6:45: Julia Louis-Dreyfus rocks. She admits that to fit into her gown, she couldn’t even eat her own birthday cake. Tee hee.

6:42: Eric Stonestreet seems like a sweet, lovely man. But I still hope that sweet, lovely man goes DOWN tonight. We’re Team Greenfield: Dobbs Ferry’s own Max deserves to win for New Girl!

6:40: And just got a glimpse of Amy’s shoes…holy dominatrix, Batman!


6:39: Wow, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler look amazing. LOVE the sexy tux on Amy. Tina is very old Hollywood glam.

6:33: Although I’m kind of loving her cleavage analysis…

6:32: Lena Dunham, it would not kill you to wear a color…seriously, who says, I’m nominated for a Golden Globe, I want to wear BROWN…

6:31: Why do I think Hayden P. wore a short version of Connie Britton’s beaded dress on a recent Nashville episode?

6:30: That clip of Zooey disentangling herself from Lucy Liu’s gown at the Emmys is pretty hysterical.

6:28: Zooey Deschanel looks so pretty, and I love the crimson – another hot color – but I can’t help but think she’s worn it before. Wish she’d worn less grandma-like jewelry, however.

6:24: Holy smokes, Katharine McPhee, I hope you have industrial strength double stick tape in that purse!

6:23: Another hot momma, Megan Fox. What’s going on? And nude is apparently the color of the night, so far. Like her description of the Dolce & Gabbana: “It’s tight. It’s lacy. That’s all there is to it.” Indeed.


6:16: Goodness gracious, Claire Danes’ baby is not even a month old. What sorcery is she involved with to look that unBELIEVEable?!? And in Versace no less?

6:15: Oh, Amy Adams, I love a nude gown as much as the next girl, but that color is doing nothing for you, paleface.

6:14: Ryan gives a shout-out to his girl, Julianne. Too cute.

6:13: I like Julianne Hough’s Monique Lhuiller gown from the waist up, from the waist down she looks like a fairy godmother. Can’t decide if I like the hair or not. Think she’d look better is the dress were a column, not a ball gown.

6:08: I’ve decided Giuliana looks like a Victorian vampire.

6:06: Did Nicole Richie steal her grandma’s curtains? She’s not old-school, she just looks old.

6:04: Palisades native Hayden Panettiere is nominated for Nashville tonight…and she is looking lovely in Cavalli, that tiny little thing. Oh dear God, Giuliana Rancic is actually singing…

6:03: Spotted: Claire Danes in a red hot number. Wait, didn’t she just have a baby, like, 5 minutes ago?!? I officially hate her.

6:02: A-ha! Seacrest explains that those dopey looking things are heaters because it’s all of 55 degrees? Suck it up, people!

6 p.m. EST: First observation of the night….what is up with those bizarre lamps all over the red carpet? Isn’t it 3 pm in LA? Are they concerned that there might be an eclipse?

(Photo courtesy of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association and the Associated Press.) 


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